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The Netherlands, a small yet vibrant country, is a thriving hub for tech companies with immense potential. Among them semiconductor giants and one of the fastest-growing payment service providers within the online payment industry, making it the landscape of profitable growth companies.

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Home to industry leaders

  • The most integrated startup ecosystem in Europe
  • One of the world's highest levels of English proficiency
  • Fourth in terms of startup value creation in Europe
  • Ranking sixth on the Global Innovation Index 2021
  • An estimated €250 to €400 billion market capitalisation between 2022 - 2030
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Dutch tech is transforming tomorrow

Dutch tech startups founded between 2022 and 2030 could contribute an estimated €250 to €400 billion market capitalisation — 30 to 45 percent of the market capitalisation of today's AEX according to McKinsey & Company.

A glimpse into the future promises Europe's most connected startup ecosystem, where different players team up effortlessly, leveraging their strengths for shared success.

We are Techleap.nl

Techleap.nl is a non profit organisation that aims to boost the Dutch tech ecosystem by connecting and empowering startups to grow to their full potential. We run programmes for startups, host events, develop and share resources, work with VCs, LPs and the government, and foster meaningful connections.

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