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We hope you enjoyed the 2021 Summit sessions! The event was filled with insights and industry data. We'd love for you to always have access to it, therefore you can receive all the media assets below in your inbox for free.

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#1. Our 2021 Action Plan

Read our Action plan 2021 to understand better what is doing on a daily basis. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate drivers and remove the barriers to entrepreneurial success. But how we do it and with who?

All answers provided within the Action Plan.


#2. All open session recordings 

These are the sessions you can expect to receive a recording of in your mailbox:

- Opening: The State of Dutch Tech;
- Talent Session: Inclusive Leadership Teams;
- Global Expansion Masterclass;
- Funding Masterclass by Serial Fundraisers;
- Closing: 'How to scale like a champion';

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